Drivers Ed



Congratulations on completing the Drivers Ed Course! It is important to understand, THE FINAL EXAM IS NOT THE PERMIT TEST. The Permit Test is something you will need to do on your own after completing the course. 12-24 hours after completing your Final Exam you will be able to log into to download your completion receipt (provided you filled out the information required in the "Complete Enrollment" section in the Drivers Ed Platform), access your first free attempt at the Permit Test, and learn about how to setup your 6 Free Hours of Behind the Wheel Training after you pass the Permit Test. To login to you will need to use your OCVS/FLVS email ([email protected]) and the Password FLV$2019. Once you login it will prompt you to change your password. It is important that you write this down and keep it in a safe place as I will not have access to that password. Great job completing my class!

PLEASE NOTE: Any issues you have on after completing my course (such as logging in, accessing your Completion Receipt, or trouble with the Permit Test) will need to be addressed to You can all them at 1-833-390-0040 or email them at [email protected].