Drivers Ed

Important message for students who have completed their Drivers Ed course online:

Although you have completed the course, there are still requirements needed in order to earn a driver’s permit/license. One requirement is receiving the Drug and Alcohol Course certificate (TLSAE Certificate) that is earned by taking the Drivers Education course. However, as stated in Assignment 6.02 of the course, it was required that you submit the last 4 digits of your social security number in order to generate a TLSAE Certificate at the end of the course. If you did not provide that information, the teacher was unable to issue you a certificate when the course ended. If you are still in need of the TLSAE Certificate, then you need to email your teacher the following information: your name, date of birth, and last 4 digits of your social security number.

Important message for students regarding the requirements for obtaining your license/learner permit:

Please note that the Drug and Alcohol Course certificate (TLSAE Certificate) that you receive when you complete the Drivers Education course is not the only thing that you need in order to get your Learner Permit at the DMV. You will also need to complete your Florida Permit Test.

FLVS is proud to announce that when you successfully complete the Driver Education course, you will now get the opportunity to take the learner’s license (permit) exam online for free. After the teacher issues your grade, you will receive a link in your VSA email granting you ONE free exam at That email can take up to 31 days to be sent to you based on when you were activated in the course (you must be active in the course for 31 days before the teacher can issue your final grade, and the email with the link is sent a day after your grade is issued). If you need to take the Permit Test before then, it is recommended that you go to take it at the DMV. Once you pass this exam, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) will automatically be notified and you can visit their office to complete the licensing process. (Licensing fees may apply).

Please note: You are free to choose how to complete your learner’s license exam.

Here are your options:
  • (your first attempt is free)
  • Your local DMV
  • Another DHSMV-approved online provider (exam fees may apply)

If you choose to take the Online Permit Test and pass you will need to go to the DMV to get your permit. A parent will need to be with you at the DMV. Please contact the DMV for current licensing fees. You will need three sources of identification. One must be an original birth certificate, passport or certification of naturalization. Proof of your social security number must also be provided. In addition, two proofs of residential address are required. To be sure that you have all of the correct documents, please visit and check your own individual requirements.

Important message for students who would like to take the free license/permit test at congratulates you on the successful completion of your Driver's Education class! As an added benefit, students between the ages of 15-17 have the ability to take their first attempt on the learner's license/permit test with for free! In order to take advantage of this amazing offer from, please complete the following steps to successfully register and complete your permit test through
  1. You will need to have your parent/guardian nearby to proctor the exam and to verify parent/guardian information:
    1. Including providing a license, ID or passport number for your parent/guardian in the parent/guardian section.
    2. You will also need to have your social security number to prove your own identity. 
  2. Please click the following link to access your permit test:
    1. Use Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser
  3. Once on the website:
    1. Click 'Create new account' at
    2. Use your PERSONAL email (this cannot be your FLVS class email) to create an account
    3. Type in a new password to complete account creation
    4. Write down your username, password and security question/answer as you will need to refer back to this information during your test.
  4. Click "Start Now" to continue to the test registration.
    1. Complete the entire registration form.
    2. Click 'Complete Enrollment' to access your test.
    3. c. Click the box showing you agree with student terms.
  5. Complete the 50 question test in less than 60 minutes.
    1. A passing score is 40 of 50 correct, so depending on your performance you might not get all 50 questions.
      1. The test will stop early if you answer 40 questions correctly or you miss 11 questions.
    2. Once you begin the test, it counts as your free attempt.
      1. does not offer additional free attempts due to technical or other issues.
  6. After passing your test, write down your confirmation/student identification code or take a screenshot. *Please note that (not OCVS or FLVS) offers this opportunity. Should you experience technical difficulties with registering or starting the permit test, the support staff can assist you via the live chat link on the website:

Important message for students interested in free driving lessons:

Once you obtain your Learner’s Permit, a representative from the Florida Safety Council will be contacting you to discuss your FREE six hours of behind the wheel driving lessons. If you would like to take advantage of this service, the representative will work with you to determine a time that best fits your schedule.