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Full time registered OCVS students are eligible to check out a device from the OCVS campus. (Home education students are not eligible. )
Withdrawal from the previous school  and registration paperwork for Orange County Virtual School needs to be submitted and processed and the student must be registered in the student management system SKYWARD for any device to be issued.  Forty eight (48) hours after enrollment is completed in SKYWARD the information is sent over to the computer checkout software.  This is when the invitation can be sent.

All devices from previous schools must be returned before another device may be issued.

To sign up to receive a device please complete this form 

You will receive an invitation to come to pick up a device once the above information is verified. Pickup times are from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm daily. 


Hotspots are issued upon request from the district office.  The request link is on this page under the Quick Links section.  After request is made the district office sends a list approximately once per week and you will be notified via email when the hotspot has been delivered.

OCPS Credentials and AUP Signing

OCPS credentials are the student ID number and password.  As of Sept 27, 2021 all accounts for grades 6-12  which have not been reset since July 30 2021 will need to be reset by signing the AUP (acceptable use policy).  Regardless of whether you use a district issued device the AUP still needs to be completed.   Logging into the school device, access to launchpad, I Ready  Canvas courses and standardized testing will not be available for any account that has not been reset.

There are two options:

To sign the AUP outside of the OCPS school network follow these instructions  You may use a personal device or a district issued device to complete the process.

You will need the verification code for your specific account to complete the process.  If you did not receive the verification code that was sent to the STUDENT OCPS  EMAIL ([email protected])  to receive the verification code complete this form

To sign the AUP on the OCPS school network (only available near a school) follow  these instructions.  A verification code is not needed when the process is completed on the school network YOU MUST HAVE A DISTRICT ISSUED DEVICE TO LOG ONTO THE OCPS WIFI.

Technical Support

All student logins for devices are the OCPS student ID number and the password provided for gr K-5 students or selected by the  gr 6-12  student.

For technical support related to your OCPS issued device contact OCVS technical support via email contact Phillip Sardin or by phone at 407 317 3327 option 9. Whether emailing or leaving a voicemail please include your student's name, OCPS student ID number, nature of the issue and a return phone number.

For FLVS technical support regarding the FLVS site and course and login please contact FLVS at 800-374-1430 option number 2 or go to the FLVS site