Mission, Vision & Objectives

Orange County Virtual School provides an educational environment for academic excellence revolutionizing the way we think, live and work through distance learning, providing 21st Century education online anytime and anywhere.

OCPS Vision, Mission and Objectives

OCVS Goals

1. Professional Development

a. Building capacity by ensuring that the staff completes at least 20 hours of position specific professional development during this school year

2. Communication

a. Improve written and verbal communication with all stakeholders by in an effort to provide effective and efficient communication that will promote and increase a positive connection between OCVS and the OCPS community.

3. Branding

a. Strengthen the OCVS community presence to establish a network of resources.

4. Completions

a. Increase the rate for completions by ensuring work days are data driven

5. Instructional focus (OCVS Elementary)

a. By the end of the 2019-2020 school year, we will strive to have the student group populations, in grades 2‐5, to perform at the proficient or advanced level on all cumulative math assessments.
b. To increase the number of students scoring in the advanced range on the FSA in all student groups.
c. By the end of the 2019-2020 school year, we will strive to have all students in grades 2-5 to perform at the proficient or advanced level on all writing assessments.

The Student

A. Appreciates the validity of pride and trust (integrity)
B. Begins each course with the end in mind
C. Contributes in creating courses needs and evaluating course plans before finalized
D. Develops their own educational plan based upon their personal goals
E. Engages in their own education through being:

   i. Interested in the work
   ii. Challenged by the work
   iii. Satisfied with the work
   iv. Persistent in the work
   v. Committed to the work (Schlechty, 2008)

F. Helps to build relationships with teachers to guide them in making the curriculum relevant
G. Evaluates each lesson with some scale version of level of engagement
H. Partakes and succeeds in monthly goal/path discussions
I. Participates in focus groups and leadership teams by sharing their thoughts and opinions giving feedback on successes and struggles
J. Recognizes the class, grade, and school as a community to which they belong and share their learning experiences with each of them
K. Understands that the staff values them as a person first, and their work second
L. Volunteers their attention and commitment
M. Works collaboratively and independently in a positive environment


Belief: We believe that all staff is fundamental to the education of our students whose attention and dedication must be earned, and the role of the teacher is leader and designer of engaging, challenging, and meaningful learning experiences for students through building positive relationships in a non-threatening, learning environment, and developing learning communities.

The Staff

A. Appreciates the validity of pride and trust (focus on positive not negative integrity)
B. Collaborates with learning communities to produce interdisciplinary, highly engaged, differentiated instruction
C. Creates their own individual evaluation and professional growth portfolio
D. Encourages and supports the growth of other colleagues
E. Finds ways in which to serve leadership towards students, colleagues, and administration
F. Moves from managing multi-tasking to leading learning
G. Provides a positive and supportive environment that is safe for students to be themselves and creative
H. Realizes that the student is there by choice and participates upon free will
I. Sees the student as the driver of their own education
J. Understands that not buying in means bowing out
K. Values working with students to ensure that each learning opportunity is valued through engagement and begins with the end in mind
L. Volunteers to serve in various leadership, serving and observing roles
M. Works in partnership with leadership to build a vision that they can believe in and support


Belief: We believe that all leadership possess an innovative, unified focus resulting in being responsive to the needs of students, parents, and the community through creating a safe, inviting, learning environment by building positive relationships and creating an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

The Leadership
A. Builds teams to ensure the support of “All” into the vision. Teams will include the following:

a. Students, Staff, and Administration will all serve in various forms but distributed within professional learning communities

B. Develops and provides on-going evaluations to the current school operations and change the current processes if needed. This could include:

 a. Rituals
 b. Routines
 c. Relationships
 d. Rigor
 e. Relevance
 f. Resources
 g. Reach (stretching myself, teachers, and students to go above and beyond)

C. Encourages teachers and builds relationships

a. Support teachers to step out and try new things, celebrate their successes
b. Encourage teachers using classroom standards, engaging work for students, and active student relationships through positive feedback
c. Build relationships with staff to ensure a high level of trust and commitment
d. Move from managing staff to leading leaders

D. Model all expectations of teachers, for teachers:

a. Staff meetings will be engaging and examples of ways to build relationships and impact students through positive reinforcement and guidance (share fairs, table talk’s, etc.)
b. Attendance to trainings and meetings that are required by teachers
c. Evidence of leadership as a learner

E. Practice CI (Continuous Improvement) and PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) on a regular basis to continue to practice what is working, and make corrections to areas of weakness

F. Works with all stakeholders (staff, teachers, parents, students, and community) to develop a vision for the school ensuring everything is on purpose and engaging