Transcript Request Form

Elementary students: An FLVS transcript can be printed from the parent account on FLVS.  A transcript request is not required.

Secondary students with high school courses:
Official transcripts can be requested using the process below.  Official paper transcripts are $ 2.00 each.  Pay for the paper transcript with credit or debit card using School Pay.

There is no charge for electronically sent transcripts sent to State of Florida Colleges.  Private and Out of State Colleges require paper transcripts unless being sent via Common App.  Transcripts cannot be emailed.

Final transcripts for 2022 will not be available until June 6 2022.  You may request the transcript ahead of that date however it will not be the final one and another would have to be sent to any college..

Transcript Request PDF
Email the completed transcript form and School Pay receipt if needing a paper transcript to Jeaneki Lee ([email protected]).

Transcript requests will be processed within 72 hours of receipt.