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State and District Testing Information

Full-Time OCVS students are required to participate in all District and State Assessments.  OCVS is a school choice and follows the same state guidelines as brick and mortar schools for all course requirements.  All students/families should review the links below for the most current information.  

It is important to note, that although some exams are permitted to be completed remotely, all end of the year testing and/or any test that is a graduation requirement but be completed face to face on a school campus for grades 3-12.

Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade are the only exceptions to this requirement and will be administered remotely for all exams including end of the year F.A.S.T. testing.


If any information does not look correct please email [email protected]


Please add your 480 student number in the yellow field and press enter.  Your account will populate.  0 means no test and a Yes means you will need to test.  Once the official dates are released the Yes will be replaced with date and location.  Example April 1 @ Apopka High.


If you are scheduled at your home zoned school and would like to test at our OCVS Campus, click here to request this change.

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