Device Return 

Device Return-OCVS is open Monday to Thursday 8 am to 4 pm for device return. Closed on Fridays.


Device Obligations

Fines which are assigned are paid with a credit/debit card at the link below.  CHOOSE "thanks I just want to pay."

For accessory (charger and case obligations) click here.

For device (computer) obligations click here

 Software Updates

For OCPS issued devices update the device on the OCPS wifi by going to a nearby school parking lot after hours. Bring a fully charged device.  Reboot the device and log in. After a few minutes the system will update or you can run software center to update the software.

Password Reset

For OCPS credentials (480..) off the school network go to and choose the help, I forgot my password button. Click reset password. Complete the username which is the OCPS student id number and other information. Put in a personal email where a verification code will be automatically sent. Once received proceed with the reset password option. If you are unable to remember the answer to the secret question then you must contact technical support below.

School Email

OCPS school email accounts are gmail accounts. To check your OCPS school email ([email protected]) go to launchpad at . Log in with your OCPS student id number and password. If you are not sure of your password go to the area above to reset. Then on the dashboard locate the google drive icon. In google drive add the school profile . In the upper right corner of google click the circle next to the three dots. This will display a profile. Then click Add at the bottom of that window. It might display Add a new chrome profile. For the email address use the email ([email protected]) For the password use the one logged onto launchpad. Now that you have the profile identified in google chrome. Then click the 9 dots that look like a keypad. Gmail will display in the list. Once you are in we suggest to bookmark your school email account so you can access it easier.

Technical Support

For technical support related to your OCPS issued device contact OCVS technical support via email contact Phillip Sardin or by phone at 407 317 3327 option 9. Whether emailing or leaving a voicemail please include your student's name, OCPS student ID number, nature of the issue and a return phone number.

For FLVS technical support regarding the FLVS site and course and login please contact FLVS at 800-374-1430 option number 2 or go to the FLVS site