Student Work Days

Student Work Days

OCVS offers Face to Face Student Work Days where you can meet with your teachers, as well as other OCVS students. This is a great opportunity to meet your teachers in person, complete a collaboration project, catch up if you are falling behind, work ahead in your courses, and meet new friends who are also online students like you!

Unless specifically notified, attendance at these work sessions is not mandatory.

Face to Face Student Work Days are offered by subject area 1-2 times a month, and take place at our physical building @ 1600 Silver Star Road, Orlando, FL 32804 from 9am-3pm. Please arrive promptly by 9am and make sure your parent/guardian is there to pick you up promptly at 3pm - if you need to leave early for any reason, please make sure to let your teacher know when you arrive so he/she can plan accordingly.
Parent/Guardian, you must drop off/pick up your student in the Main Office

Bring your pace chart, notebook/binder, pen, and laptop (or one will be provided to you). You will also need to bring a packed lunch or $3 to purchase lunch.

Full time OCVS & Home Ed students only - If you are requested to attend a Mandatory Student Work Day (Nov, March, May), it is because you are two or more weeks behind in my course. You MUST attend unless you have caught up and are on pace as of the Friday before the scheduled work day. You will receive notification from your guidance counselor if you must attend, and your teacher will send a reminder as well as notification if you are caught up and no longer need to attend. Any issues with attendance must be addressed with your guidance counselor.