Safari Montage Live

Please follow the steps listed below to join and participate in a SAFARI Montage Live Video Conference.

  1.  Preparing for your video conference session. Participants will receive a formal email from the Organizer.  Review the links to check compatibility, required web browsers, operating systems, plug-ins, and internet connection (HARD WIRED) preferred.

  2.  Entering the video conference session. If user clicks on the Personal Private Conference Link, they will automatically join the session.  If the user receives the guest link, sign in under the Guest tab and click the Enter button.

              Safari Montage Live Sign-in PageSafari Montage Live Guest Sign-in

  3.  Requesting to Broadcast. As a Participant, you have the right during the session to request to speak (broadcast) yourself with audio and/or video, and will need to have a camera and/or microphone.  In the Participant box, click on the profile icon and a gear head will populate.  Click on the gear-head and select the request to speak dropdown.

     Requesting to Broadcast

    Participants can also request to speak by clicking on the “Raise Your Hand” symbol.

  4. Testing and utilizing camera and microphone.

    Under the Video Conference tab, participants can test camera and audio settings.

    Testing and utilizing camera and microphone 

    IMPORTANT TIP:  Most standard built-in or external web cameras will function well, but must be compatible. 

  5.  Communicating in the video conference session. 

    Participants can communicate through the Chat box.  Type your comment or question in the field box and click the enter arrow key.

      Communicating in the video conference session

  6. Accessing the Media Library.

    Participants can access downloadable files by clicking on the Media Library icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Files placed in the Shared Files section can be downloadable by clicking on the green download icon.

    Accessing the Media Library

  7. Leaving a session.

Participants can leave a session by clicking on the Options Header and select Leave session in the drop down.

Leaving a session