Grades 6-12

Public school part-time students are enrolled in a traditional Orange County middle or high school full-time and may take supplemental courses online with OCVS.  Part-time students take courses online for graduation acceleration, credit recovery, grade forgiveness, or to earn high school credit while in middle school.  In order to be accepted as a part-time, public school student with OCVS, you must currently attend an Orange County public school.

Private school part-time students are enrolled in a private Orange County middle or high school full-time and take supplemental courses online with OCVS.  In order to be accepted as a part-time, private school student with OCVS, you must reside in Orange County and attend an Orange County private school.

Parent and student must inform the school guidance counselor of completed registration.  The school guidance counselor will verify information online, ensure that the course requested is appropriate for the student, and electronically approve requested courses.

Activation for public school part-time students will begin in August pending guidance counselor approval.

Students, do you want to complete high school courses before entering 9th grade?
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These courses are recommended for rising 9th graders to meet the online graduation requirement:

Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE)

Your path to lifelong fitness starts here. You’ll set a variety of goals that will guide you toward leading a healthy lifestyle. During your journey, you’ll perform daily physical activity, design a personal fitness plan that suits your interests, and keep track of your fitness progress. You’ll monitor your exercise and nutrition using a personalized wellness plan. This course requires the purchase of a MOVband device that will calculate your total movements each day, helping you stay on track. 
Can earn 1.0 credit

Leadership Skills Development

Succeed in high school, college, and beyond by taking your future into your own hands. In this two-semester course, you will learn how to take action, manage your time, chart your goals, and many other leadership techniques. 
Can earn 1.0 credit

Peer Counseling 1

Gain the skills to help you succeed in all areas of your life. You will learn how to take action, set goals, manage your time, and help your peers. 
an earn .5 credit

Peer Counseling 2

Increase your confidence and build your social skills as you learn how to conquer peer pressure, social anxiety, and the unnecessary risks that can derail your future. In this course, you’ll discover how your “super-charged” teen brain really works. By the end of your training, you will have new power to direct your own life and lead your classmates. 
an earn .5 credit

Critical Thinking

Get better grades, higher test scores and increase your success in high school. If you are already a good student, you will learn new study skills and testing skills that will help you get even better. If you struggle in school, this course will give you the Success Mindsets, study skills, and testing skills to perform at new levels. You will learn the ACE test-taking method to increase your score on key tests such as the ACT, SAT, and tests for graduation. 
Can earn .5 credit

Registration for part-time students is ongoing per guidance counselor approval

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