International Club

Club Sponsor: Mrs. Torres

This club celebrates the different cultures of the world and encourages students to become familiar with the culture and customs of countries where French and Spanish are spoken. Some activities we do are  sampling international food, playing games from / about other countries, learning about international dances (and actually dancing them), making arts and crafts from other countries, and learning information about a variety of aspects of different countries (famous painters and their work, famous performers / entertainers, traditions, celebrations, music / dance styles, foods, and more). These informal activities allow students and parents to become involved and learn about many countries and languages of the world, as well as increase their cultural awareness while having fun too! 
In past school years, the OCVS International Club students and parents participated in dance classes and learned how to dance some Hispanic music styles. They learned about different types of candies made around the Hispanic Culture. They learned about some famous painters and their artwork and even painted a replica of a famous painting.
We take a peek into other languages and cultures in the International Club, and teachers do their best to give students an appreciation for the way people around the world live.