Fitness Club

Club Sponsors: Mrs. Carter & Mrs. Houston
  • This club is a positive club that promotes fitness and healthy lifestyles for all students

    * Meet once bi-monthly at a common area in town.

    * Announce to students at least two weeks in advance via email, announcement page and mention when doing phone calls.

    * Attending a fitness club event is an alternate way to get collaboration points.

  • So what do we do at the events?

    * Meet in the main area of the chosen park.

    * Stretch as a group and have students sign in.

    * We explain the importance of healthy living and exercise before we begin.

    * One teacher will lead the group as we walk through the park.

    * Parents are welcome to attend!

Dates and Locations:

Wednesday, September 5th at Lake Eola at 6 pm
Thursday, November 15th at Dr. Phillips Park at 6 pm
Tuesday, January 22nd at Lake Eola at 6 pm
Monday, April 1st at West Orange Trail at 6 pm