Part-time OCVS

Unlike the full-time program, the part-time program has rolling enrollment which allows students to register anytime during the school year. OCVS part-time students are enrolled full-time in a traditional OCPS middle or high school, or in the Home Education program through the district. They elect to take supplemental courses with OCVS. Students can take an online course for graduation acceleration, or to earn high school credit while in middle school. In order to take part-time course with OCVS, students must have their guidance counselor's approval and/or parent consent.

Revolutionizing the way we think, live and work through distance learning, providing 21st century education online anytime and anywhere.

In 2010 Orange County Public Schools opened the first full-time district supported virtual school in its history. Orange County Public Schools has established the Orange County Virtual School (OCVS) in accordance with s. 1002.45 of the Florida Statutes to provide our students with high quality, full-time instruction in an online environment. This progressive choice program is providing expanded educational services to a wider student community for anywhere, anytime learning. Orange County Virtual School now provides Full-time and Part-time virtual school opportunities for grades K-12.

Orange County Virtual School proudly offers programs for all grade levels. Please click on the program of interest located on the left hand side for more information. Thank you for choosing your local Orange County public virtual school, OCVS!