Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements
Students who entered 9th grade in 2016 and beyond

English 4 credits
Mathematics 4 credits
-1 credit Algebra I
-1 credit Geometry
Science 3 credits
Social Studies 1 credit -World History
1 credit -U.S. History
.5 credit -U.S. Government
.5 credit -Economics
Fine Art 1 credit
HOPE (Phys Ed) 1 credit
Electives 8 credits
World Languages Not required for graduation, but 2 consecutive years required for admission into state universities and for eligibility for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship
State Assessments*
FSA ELA - Level 3
(combined score for Reading and Writing)
Algebra I EOC *Must score Level 3 or higher
U.S. History
GPA 2.0 unweighted
Virtual Course Must complete one online/virtual course
Total Credits Required 24

*All AP testing, EOC testing and State Assessments are completed on campus