OCVS Program Info Grades 6-8

Orange County Virtual School (OCVS) serves all Orange County Students!

What type of student are you?

Please review the different types of students OCVS serves below and follow the registration procedures that pertain to you.

PLEASE NOTE All students must have daily access to a computer with dependable high-speed internet access, a word processing program, and a printer


Orange County Virtual School (OCVS) offers full-time enrollment options for students in grades 6-12.

Full-time OCVS students are registered as public school students, take part in the FCAT and other district testing, and have the opportunity to earn a standard Orange County diploma.

In order to be accepted as a full-time student with OCVS for the 2020-2021 school year, you must:

1.    Have demonstrated success in the previous semester courses

2.    Have attained grade level proficiency on at least one of the following standardized test in the 2018-2019 & 2019-2020 school year:

a.    FSA Sunshine State Standards

b.    All End of Course (EOC) Exams that student has already taken

c.    Stanford Achievement Test (50th percentile or higher on the Reading section)

d.    Iowa Test or Basic Skills (50th percentile or higher on the Reading section)

e.    Grade level proficiency on an official standardized test administered by another public school system

3.     Reside in Orange County

Students who meet the requirements listed above must submit the online preregistration full-time student application.

Students currently enrolled in an OCPS school
 only have to submit the online application. Your academic history is already in the database for review.  However, you will be contacted if additional information is needed.

Students currently enrolled in a Non-OCPS school you must submit academic records (transcripts or report cards), any and all standardized test scores for review.  Please submit by fax to 407-317-3407 within a week of application submission date. However, you will be contacted if additional information is needed.

All students who currently have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP), Educational Plan (EP), 504 accommodations plan must submit copies of current plan by fax to 407-317-3407 within a week of application submission date.

*Submitting an application does not guarantee enrollment to the Orange County Virtual School. Students must meet criteria for full-time enrollment in order to be accepted. 

In order to proceed, please read the following statements.

  • I meet the criteria to become a full-time student in Orange County Virtual School

  • I will participate in theFCAT/FSA, EOC and other standardized assessments administered by Orange County Virtual School

  • I will attend the mandatory orientation session with my parent/guardian prior to being accepted for enrollment by Orange County Virtual School

  Registration for the OCVS 2020-2021
school year is OPEN

Click to apply

Parent/guardian must complete the registration packet and provide the documentation listed below. This link takes you to the New Student Registration page with a link on the right side to download the registration packet to complete...

Steps to take:
-Save blank registration packet to your computer
pen saved document
ill in blanks
ave completed registration packet to attach to email
amilies will save, scan, and/or take pictures of the required documents and attach to ONE email to send to the appropriate school

Registration packets can be sent to: [email protected]

Subject Line: 2020-19 OCVS Registration Packet J. Doe (First Initial, Last Name)